Moshi Celesta Laptop-Style Stylish Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Great if You Like Laptops)

celesta-2.JPGThe Moshi Celesta keyboard has two things going for it. One, it looks very nice with its blue LEDs and "diamond-cut" aluminum frame. Two, it has laptop-styled keys to make typing quieter and faster. Yes, we know some of you like to type at 90db with your click-clacking IBM keyboards, but not everyone does.

Lord Percy tested out the keyboard and said it was easy to use and had the full amount of keys. This is important, because many laptop-styled keyboards don't have the numpad—this does. It also supports OS X's function keys and comes with a black pouch if you want to travel with it. But for a price of $120, only the people who use their computers a lot can justify buying the Celesta.

Product Page [Aevoe via Lord Percy]

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