LG Prada as Verizon's "iPhone Killer"? (LOL)

TheStreet.com claims that the LG Prada, a phone we definitively declared not as good as the iPhone, is going to be Verizon's answer to AT&T's exclusive. Scott Moritz of The Street says he just confirmed that Verizon will release a version of LG's phone here in the states. Whether that will be Prada or something slightly different, he's not sure. We hardly care.

According to what we heard from LG, they claim the KE850 (Prada) will not come to the states in its current form and whatever does will not actually be called the Prada. However, we do know that Prada-ish phones like the LG KS20 is already coming out, but we're not sure if this is the weapon Verizon will be using to counter AT&T.

Video Page [The Street via PC World via Crunchgear]

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