ModYFire iWear Turns All Clothes Into iPod nano Covers


One day, hungarian designer Peter Zaolt Koren was at home thinking about how he could defeat a merciless alien invader called Ming or Zoltan. Or something like that. Suddenly, he had a strange revelation: why would anyone buy and wear horrible clothing especially designed for iPods when you can actually turn any clothing into wearable iPod nano covers? "As soon as it could hold your nano through one millimeter fabrics" he thought, "I would be as cool as freeware."

So the ModYFire iWear clip-thingy was born. At last, a whole two generations of iPod nano users will be free to turn their entire wardrobe into silly looking pinched t-shirts, skirts, trousers and boxer pants. And wear them adopting awkward poses like the people in the gallery for just $25. All thanks to Zaolt's invention and his plan to build a rocket to protect us against alien invaders.

Product page [ModYFire]

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