Mitsubishi Launches “Thin Frame” 1080p Line: 8 LCDs, 9 DLPs

Mitsubishi Launches “Thin Frame” 1080p Line: 8 LCDs, 9 DLPs

Today is a big day for Mitsubishi, which is augmenting its excellent DLP line with nine new models, and finally getting very serious about LCD flat panel, with eight 1080p models with assorted options ranging from 40 to 52 inches. Both sets of TVs are part of Mitsubishi’s “Thin Frame” design approach: hidden speakers and a thickness of “about an inch” for the LCDs; the DLPs are “at least 25 percent less deep” than their predecessors, with largest space saving in the 73-inch size.

Follow the jump for a breakout of all the models and another sweet picture; all pricing is in something called “suggested value price.” More on that and on the TVs themselves later today, when I visit the showroom.


The entry-level 733 Series 1080p DLP HDTVs are characterized by a 6-Color Light Engine, three rear HDMI 1.3 inputs a front HD component input.
“¢57-inch WD-57733 ($2499)
“¢65-inch WD-65733 ($2999)
“¢73-inch WD-73733 ($4699)

The step-up 734 Series (shown above) has everything a 733 does, plus enhanced contrast through the DeepField Imager for dynamic adjustment within an image; a front HDMI input; and NetCommand for on-screen control and setup of other home theater gear.
“¢57-inch WD-57734 ($2799)
“¢65-inch WD-65734 ($3299)
“¢73-inch WD-73734 ($5099)

The primo DLPs are in the Diamond series, naturally. Everything above is included here, plus some serious tweaker bonuses: Smooth120Hz for more fluid and smoother moving images free from motion blur; TV Guide On Screen 9.0; Game FX – 3D game capability; IEEE1394; and an RS232C input.
“¢57-inch WD-57833 ($3399)
“¢65-inch WD-65833 ($3999)
“¢73-inch WD-73833 ($5899)

When it comes to the new LCD flat-panels, Mitsubishi skips 720p altogether and starts off at 1080p, with the 133 Series 1080p LCD flat panel HDTVs, which include a “high contrast” picture and three rear HDMI 1.3 Inputs.
“¢40-inch LT-40133 ($2699)
“¢46-inch LT-46133 ($3399)
“¢52-inch LT-52133 ($4499)

A lone soldier in the 134 series, a 40-incher, has all of the above features plus NetCommand and a side HDMI 1.3 input.
“¢40-inch 134 Series LT-40134 ($2899)

The 144 Series naturally assumes you are going to pass on the 40-incher; starting at 46 inches, it includes the 133’s features plus a side component input and Smooth120Hz (true 120Hz 1080p performance).
“¢46-inch LT-46144 ($3899)
“¢52-inch LT-52144 ($5099)

The king of the hill, the Diamond class, also comes in 46- and 52-inch models (shown above). It has everything that the starter 133 line has, plus Smooth120Hz, a CableCard slot, TV Guide Daily, NetCommand and a side HDMI input.
“¢Diamond LT-46244 ($4499)
“¢Diamond LT-52244 ($5699)

Stay tuned for more model shots, our own photos, and some of our more-emotional reactions when we check them out later today.

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