Mio's Widescreen C520 GPS Takes on the TomTom One XL


The folks at Mio took the wraps off their latest GPS unit this morning, unveiling the new DigiWalker C520. The slick little unit sells for $399 and comes packed with everything from Bluetooth to a 4.3-inch widescreen LCD. Does it deserve a spot on your dashboard? Check out the gallery and our quick take after the jump.

First off, for a unit this small, the C520 packs a lot. We already know about the display and the built-in wireless, so on top of that the C520 also has text-to-speech functionality and the ability to play MP3s and video files. It's got 2GB of on board memory and an SD card slot for expansion. Essentially, it brings a bit of everything to the table (this ain't your entry level GPS) and goes head-to-head with the TomTom's One XL both on price, features, and screen size.

We got our paws on a C520 this afternoon and were pretty impressed by how intuitive it is to use. I'm the "never ask for directions while you drive" type, so I'll put this one through the test and see if it's worth the $399. So far I'll say this, it's a tempting buy for anyone who wants a GPS unit with a little sumthin'-sumthin' on the side.

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