Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet for All Those Biz Cards

p19901_1.jpgIt must be miniature day today at the Giz—maybe because we all feel like getting small this weekend—but this Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet will go perfectly with those diminutive chair models we showed you earlier. There's a difference, though. This scale model might actually serve a practical purpose; it's made for business cards, where you can file them away using their included alphabetical index dividers, and then promptly forget about them. Or, you can just be a little more modern and scan them in, and then forget about them as they reside on your database.

If you insist on paper, these two drawers can hold 400 business cards each, and clockwatchers will also like its teeny LCD clock/calendar. Hey, this is perfect for all those TPS reports you've been working on. Or, it might be a good prop for your Land of the Giants diorama, and what the heck, it only costs $13.98.

Product Page [Lighter Side, via CrunchGear]

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