Memorex Makes Air Dusters Harder to Huff

memorex-bitterant.jpgNow you probably didn't know this—because you're a normal human being—but kids apparently like to huff cans of compressed air. Boy, children are really high tech these days. Back when we were small we stuck with markers, glue, and chalk, but now they're getting all futuristic with compressed air.

That's why Memorex just released a new line of Air Duster with "bitterant", which makes huffing these things unpleasant. Hopefully this additive doesn't affect normal dusting, just direct sniffing, or else people are going to be stocking up on old-school dusters. Crazy ass kids. Get off my—oh wait, I'm too poor to have a lawn.

Memorex Air Dusters feature bitterant [Uber Gizmo]

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