Martinis Not Shaken, Not Stirred, But Yo-Yo'd


Tanaka is a design that will add a bit of flair to your bartending, combining a martini shaker with a yo-yo to let you shake things up and entertain your drinking audience all in one smooth motion.

Just fill it up with your favorite ingredients, and throw that sucker down, not even bothering to ask if the imbibers would like their martinis shaken, not stirred. Tell them they're going to get them yo-yo'd, like it or not. It spins around and returns to you, and after a few of those round trips, that high-octane spirit's ready to quaff.

Who thinks of this stuff? This must have some connection to that sex doll for dogs. Find out after the jump.

Yep, this design concept was created by French designer Clem Eloy, the same guy who dreamed up Hotdoll, that sex doll for dogs that so amused our readers for the past few weeks. The guy has no shortage of creativity, also creating Lucifer, a match holder that automatically lights a match as you extract it from its container.

The guy is brilliant. Now let's see if he can get some enterprising manufacturer to actually build and commercialize some of his wild ideas.

Design Site [Clem Eloy]

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