Malignant Mole Bikini Scares You Out of the Sun


Check out this Malignant Mole Bikini, whose ghastly melanomas begin to fade in as you get more and more sun exposure. It's designed by Fiona Carswell, the same guilt-inducing designer who brought us that Smoking Jacket that shows the effects of smoking on a pair of smoked-up lungs. What good is this bathing suit, anyway?

This in-your-face reminder might be enough to scare you out of the sunshine, protecting you from that leathery look you will get by the time you're 50, while keeping you from getting a nasty sunburn that will make you feel like you've been spanked all over. Oh yeah, and then there's that dying-of-skin-cancer thing.

While those malignancies showing up in various places on that bikini are not exactly attractive, at least they might remind you to use sunscreen. Surely this is more of a performance art piece than a concept for an actual product, because we can't imagine who would actually want to buy and wear one of these.

Designer's Page [Fiona Carswell, via medGadget]

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