Make Your Own Night Vision Toilet Light

You need this night vision toilet light. Who wouldn't like to have a target to aim at when it's time to pee in the middle of the night? Turn on those bathroom lights, and it wakes you up, strains your eyes and may wake up others, too. But piss in the darkness, and you may miss altogether.

Here's a simple yet brilliant design to make your own night vision toilet light out of couple of plastic bottlecaps, a 3-volt LED, a button cell battery, a penny and a paper clip that results in a perfectly functional night vision toilet light that operates with a crude gravity switch.

So you can either make this tiny light to mark your path, illuminating your target as soon as you lift the seat, or you could take your chances and rely on dead reckoning and a perfectly unbent penis position. Hey, you could always get yourself a Jonny Glow, or one of those fancy Kohler toilets with built-in lighting.

Or wait, there's one more solution: you could be like some of our girlie men commentators and sit down to pee. Your choice, guys.

Night Vision Toilet [Instructables]

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