MagicMouse Puts 3D Control on Your Finger

ring_mouse_front.jpgPut this MagicMouse on your finger, and make your PC's cursor move around as if by some miraculous force. It works with five carefully positioned ultrasonic microphones, picking up signals from the ring and judging its position in 3D space. Move your hand closer or farther away from the screen and you zoom in, or move your hand back and forth and the cursor follows it.

What team of scientists invented this thing?

You'd think some major corporation would be doing R&D on something like this (and that could very well be the case), but this MagicMouse was actually designed by a group of Worcester Polytechnic Institute students, and it was good enough to be honoured by a Popular Science 2007 Invention Award.

Who knew you could move your cursor around on your PC by doing a little T'ai Chi? The device consists of just $US155 worth of parts and uses standard mouse protocol. We'd like to see what would happen if you turned this thing loose on a few Nintendo Wii-like games.

Inside the MagicMouse: The Story of a 2007 PopSci Invention of the Year [WPI, via Gizmag]

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