Machine Mixes Drinks On Demand Like a Mini Factory

froobee4web2.jpgVending machines are just too inefficient, and Brit company Waterwerkz aims to change that with its PouchLink system. It combines the convenience of a drink machine with the assembly method of soda fountain, adding filtered water from outside pipes to quickly mix drinks inside a machine that amounts to a mini factory.

Just like any soda fountain, water is mixed with syrup inside this machine, and the concoction is placed inside a flexible pouch that will be available in different sizes. Unlike conventional drink machines, this technique could allow a machine to store the fixin's for 2000 drinks. When unfilled, those pouches are surprisingly compact, and 2000 of them fit on a reel that resembles a big roll of toilet paper.

The company has Nestlé on board with one of its new fruit drinks, as well as another UK soft drinks manufacturer, Bottle Green Drinks. There's no word whether carbonated drinks will work with the system, or if soda giants Coke or Pepsi are interested.

Drinks vending machines can form pouches on demand [Packaging Today, via Tech Digest]

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