Logitec Lands Six New Docks for iPod

Logitec Lands Six New Docks for iPod

Classy Japanese company Logitec has brought out three new iPod docks—rather like Daddy Dock, Mummy Dock and Baby Dock. You can see the LDS Ri500, aka Mummy, above, which includes a radio tuner and looks fabulously future-retro. Check the gallery for the other two, whose details are after the jump.

AU: Don’t forget, this is Logitec, not Logitech…

The LDS-Xi900BK is a 2.1-channel system only available in black with a 15W subwoofer and a flat speaker that uses NXT sound technology.

There’s an LDS Ri500, which looks rather future-retro, with its rather fabulous handle and a big-knobbed radio tuner.

And finally, there are two versions of the LDS-Si1, which is smaller and lacks the tuner: the LDS-Si100 comes with an adapter for the second-gen shuffle as well as the nano, while the LDS-Si101 is solely for second-gen nanos.

No word on price as yet, but don’t expect the docks, which will be available mid-June in Japan, to be too cheap. And, with lines like theirs, expect them to be shipped over here ASAP.