Liveblog: Palm Foleo Unveil Now!

Liveblog: Palm Foleo Unveil Now!

folio13wm.jpgJeff Hawkins just dropped Foleo photos on us. It looks like it’s subnotebook-sized, but it’s a smartphone companion, designed to make it a full computing experience.

10:33 He’s talking about the need for a better interface. And took a jab at origami.
10:36 Battery life is great. Five hours of real access running Wi-Fi, etc.
10:38 WM Looks like a laptop, I know how you’re positioning it, but that doesn’t matter.
JH is totally being a cock tease, and Mossy is telling JH to get on with the show. He keeps calling it a laptop. That doesn’t run stuff.
10:40 JH It’s Velvety. Runs Linux, 10-inch screen, boots almost instantly. No sleep, just on and off.
10:43 WM Like the Clapper.
JH Syncs with the phone, not just for exchange stuff. Makes the data centric to the phone. Easy to use, not for corporate types only.

I’ll update photos in the gallery as they come, but the text will be running below

WM Blackberry?
JH Talk about it later.

[They’re doing a demo of the of the four steps to sync the Treo and the Foleo. Pairs with Bluetooth.]

WM You can navigate using the thumb pad device [which supposedly supplements the nipple thing](Swisher’s words, not mine.)

[They’re showing Dataviz editing Office docs using a full-screen version. Looks very fast. Can make things from scratch]
[WM happy people can do office stuff from the device]
[Showing a Linux terminal, crowd turns aside, sick to their stomachs]
10:57 [runs opera browser, uses phone connection, over BT. Flash runs fine. The video stuff is slow. Won’t do flash video, including YouTube.]

WM Let me get this straight. It won’t do the hottest thing on the Web? [They blame the flashware, but its obviously the processor]
JH Let me be clear&mdash:it will do it, but not well.
WM When?
JH UHHH…In the future.

JH If I could do it again, I’d put a faster processor in here.

[$499, as earlier reported. That’s after a $100 rebate]
WM There are laptops that are $499, there are laptops that are 10-inchers, why this?
JH Those little ones aren’t the cheap ones. We’re going after the one-button access to the experience. This is a Linux machine with long battery life, that people will write apps for. Foleo is simple and fun.

JH We’ll support Treos with Window Mobile Phones and Treos. They’ll do BlackBerries, too. It can be done, and it’s easy to do. We want to the the iPhone. They need it!

Closed Session

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