Linux-Lovin' Frenchman Writes 235 Webcam Drivers

mxhaard.jpgWhat do you do with your free time? Play videogames? Write poetry? Train for a triathlon? That's all well and good, but Frenchman Michel Xhaard (awesome name, dude) fills his free time with something much more ... unique. He's written Linux drivers for 235 webcams, just for funsies, all while growing a pretty kickass beard.

What drives someone to become so obsessed with a task so seemingly mundane and specific? I mean, kudos for helping people out, but you've got to figure that more than a handful of those drivers were used by less than 10 people, if by anyone. Not that Linux and generic webcams aren't the most popular things in the world, but come on.

Because I did this post basically just so I could post the above picture, let's turn this into a mini-photoshop contest. Photoshop the above photo however you'd like, preferably while using that wonderful sense of humor of yours. When done, email it to [email protected], and if there are good results I'll post a gallery later. Get to it, talentmodos!

The Inquirer [via Everything USB]

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