LG SV280 Banana Phone Sprouts Two Asian Babes, Turns Green

lg_green_banana.jpgLG's SV280 "Banana Phone" is getting closer to the true banana color, now available in green instead of that white color with the orange trim we showed you last month. Aside from its verdant hue, it's the same slider as its relatively colorless brother, with a 1.3-megapixel camera, an MP3 player and 142MB of onboard memory.

Although this SV280 is a bit fat for our taste, we do like its curved shape, which feels much more natural than many other cellphones that either resemble a pack of gum or a bar of soap. But this odd metallic color is not exactly making us green with envy. Why didn't LG just make them yellow? A banana that green would take a week to get ripe.

LG SV280 "Banana phone" turns green [Unwired View]

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