LG Super Multi Blue for PC, Kinda Super


PC World got their hands on a LG GGW-H10NI Super Multi Blue BD Drive/HD DVD Reader. Oh my goodness that name is horrible. It's the PC version of the Super Multi Blue that LG released for home theaters, but this version also boasts 2x single layer (4x disc) Blu-ray disc burning.

Their initial time test shows the 2x burning surpasses its competitors (by seconds), taking 44 minutes to burn a 25GB disc. So it's the fastest 2x burner PC World has timed, but not by a lot. And unfortunately, because the media is still stuck at 2x, they were unable to test out the burner's 4x capabilities.

The catch(es)? First, wouldn't you assume that this drive would burn both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs? I did, and I bet that a lot of people who are familiar with LG's one-drive-every-format claims will, too. Also, the model will cost a hefty $1199 when released in June.

Solution? Fork over $600 for a Blu-ray burner and $200 for the Xbox 360 external HD-DVD drive. Then send the remaining $300 to the Gizmodo weekend writer of your choosing. Note: DO NOT donate it to charity.

Tested: LG's New Super... [PC World]

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