'Laser' Clock is Misnamed, Lame


Here's an LED-lit keychain device that lets you project an image of the time of day. Curiously named a Laser Clock, there aren't really any lasers involved, according to a nice guy we talked to at the product's distributor, Dynamism. In fact, there's no laser inside this little device at all, and it's only able to project an image a mere 12 inches away. Just thought you'd like to know what you'd be getting for your $29.

When we saw the term "laser clock" bandied about, we had visions of projecting a super-sharp laser image of 4:20 a half a mile away, onto that big water tower way over there. Or maybe equipping the device with a Batman pattern and projecting it onto the clouds above. This is not that. Laser clock? Hardly.

Product Page [Dynamism]

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