Joost Struggling Under Load of New Beta Users

joostlogo.jpgJoost recently opened itself up to an unlimited beta, and its since been inundated with new users as websites hand out stacks upon stacks of invites. The video streaming service is based on a peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing structure, so in theory it should be able to scale to however many users hop on board. In reality? Eh… not so much.

The service has been hit hard by the thousands upon thousands of new users who have joined up in the past week, and some have been unable to access the programming. Even though it's a peer-to-peer system, there are still servers that people need to be routed through, and apparently there just aren't enough of them out there. When asked about the performance issues, CEO Fredrik de Wahl said "It's stumbling a bit, whereas we'd like it to be sprinting."

It's cool, bro. You're still in beta. But while you're adding more servers do you want to go ahead and add some decent content while you're at it? Thanks.

Informitiv [via Broadband Reports]

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