Japan's Rin Standing Speaker Emphasizes Visual Quality Over Sound Quality

sonycolumn2.jpgNot that we're saying the Rin doesn't sound good — there's no way we can tell without hearing it — but it seems to us anything that looks this weird can't be something audiophiles will want show off to their audiophile friends.

The unit's made from a combination of imported Italian marble and Japanese engineering, which is great on paper since (from I remember from an art class that I took in my imagination) it's the best type of marble anywhere. Plus, those Asians have tiny hands and can get all into those electronics easier — am I right, fellow Asians?

In any case, the whole situation makes for a weird speaker system that supposedly sounds great because sound eminates like ripples on a pond. Which makes me want to pee, not rock out.

Product Page [Sony via Sci Fi]

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