Japanese Robotech Thruster Sex Machine

robotech-thruster-masturbat1.jpgLike Lam with his pink Japanese blowjob machine, I was debating whether I should post this. But if you can handle his pink blowjobber, you can handle this Robotech Thruster machine.

The thruster attaches to a table or other solid surface and has a "Highspeed piston," "Powerful movement" and a "High quality stabilizer". It's essentially a masturbation machine you control with that hand lever, which varies speed and intensity depending on how you like it.

Kanjo Toys claims that it's fantastic because you don't have to buy new "onacups" to put in it, which we're guessing means you're going to have to wash this when you're done. No word on whether it's dishwasher safe.

Better shot after the jump.


Robotech Thruster masturbation machine [Kanjotoys]

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