iRiver Clix Docking, Speaker Cradle


Well, I'll bite my tongue and stand corrected. I've been playing with the Clix for a couple weeks now and one of my main complaints is the lack of accessories, like this cradle, because of the Clix's odd form factor. I guess I was wrong again, because here is an official cradle from the people at iRiver for the Clix. It is fairly intuitive design because it has the ability to sit upright and dock to a PC via USB, but it can also dock to the audio jack and lay on its side and pump out the tunes via a speaker. This speaker/cradle/dock/thing should be available May 15 for a very nice $30.

If you haven't already, check out my unboxing and video walk-through of the second generation iRiver Clix.

iRiver presents the Clix Cradle [Akihabara]

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