IO-Data USB2-W31RW Card Reader is Monochrome, but Well-Read


This card reader from IO-Data, the USB2-W31RW, comes in black and white, and can read 31 different types of cards—SDHC memory cards, micro SDs, memory sticks, MicroProles, SecuriMinge, SDHoHos, STDs, BumperMong Sticks, Multi-Media Splanges, High-Speed Jezebel Sticks, KrispyKremeKards, MemoryCleet, Fangs4DMemory and HDSpazzTwigs, for starters. What it won't read: credit cards, birthday cards, business cards, bus passes and kidney donor cards. It weighs 120 grams and is now Vista-friendly.

Product Page [IO-Data via Akihabara News]

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