HP Shipping LCDs and Plasmas at Reasonable Prices Without Help From Bargain Eddie's


We first saw these HP TVs back at CES, but they didn't really stand out in our minds. After seeing these reasonable low prices, however, we may have to give them another look. The newer sets support 1080p (while a couple others only go up to 720p), and have three HDMI ports and "PC inputs and RS232C with WSD bridging capabilities for custom integrators."

Check the jump for complete list and pricing.

HP PL4272N 42-inch High-Definition Plasma TV - $1399
HP PL5072N 50-inch High-Definition Plasma TV - $2099
HP LC4776N 47-inch High Definition 1080p LCD TV - $2499
HP LC4276N 42-inch High Definition 1080p LCD TV - $1899
HP LC3272N 32-inch High Definition 720p LCD TV - $ 899
HP LC3772N 37-inch High Definition 720p LCD TV - $1199

HP Site [via Slashgear]

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