HP LED Laptops Confirmed for Q3 2007


I've been waiting for this good news from HP for awhile: their laptops are finally, officially, and definitely going to get LEDs inside of LCDs. Judging from family names, the two confirmed machines, the HP Compaq 2510p and 2710 tablet (not the laptop above), they likely aren't high end beauties like those DV pavillions you've seen in the Shawn White and Jay Z commercials. But they'll have the battery saving, bright tech inside their screens, and that makes me happy on the insides.

Hewlett-Packard(HP) plans to ship in the third quarter an ultra-light notebook and a tablet PC with light-emitting diode displays...

The LED displays will be available on the ultra-light HP Compaq 2510p, and the HP Compaq 2710 tablet, an HP spokeswoman said Friday. LED screens use more power than LCDs, but HP has narrowed the difference through the use of its own technology in what it calls an Illumi-Lite display. The 2510p notebook has a 12.1-inch screen, and is available with either Windows Vista or Windows XP. The machine weighs 2.9 pounds, and is powered by Intel's Centrino Pro processor. Specifications for the 2710 tablet PC, which has a touch screen, have not been released.

The new PCs are scheduled to ship in the third quarter. Pricing information was not disclosed.

Right now, the Sony Vaio TX and a few others in their line have LED backlights, to great effect. And of course, within the last few weeks, ElJobso promised LED backlights in Apple gear soon.

HP To Ship Two Mobile PCs With LED Displays [Informationweek]

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