HP Going for Water-Cooled, Fanless Laptops This Fall

voodoolaptop.pngRumor has it HP's going to be releasing something very cool in the world of laptops this fall. By combining Voodoo's water-cooling, which you've mostly seen in desktops so far (save for a couple units here and there), HP is going to create a water-cooled laptop, which has no fans and gets eight hours of battery life.

In the French business magazine L'Expansion, the CTO confirms that the laptops will probably under the HP brand and not the Voodoo brand, even though it's got Voodoo parts inside. If this can get laptops to last longer and not scorch our thighs like Anakin Skywalker at the end of movie #3, then we're all for it.

[HP to launch water-cooled fanless notebooks this Fall [Uberpulse]

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