HP Dual-Format HD DVD/Blu-ray Media Center Priced, Now Available

HPHDbi.pngThe HP Pavilion m8010y Media Center (better known as the media center that swings both ways) is now available at the HP store. This is one of the first "box PCs" that can be customized to include a Blu-ray drive as well as an HD DVD drive. The bare minimum specs (including the two drives, processor upgrade and GeForce 8500GT to support the drives) make the final price $2149, but wait, there's more! HP has a $150 mail-in-rebate bringing the final price down to $1999. Two grand isn't a price I particularly get excited about, but the fact that HP, of all companies, has a dual-format media center perks my ears. Thanks, Vincent!

Product Page [HP]

Update: Bloops. I misread. This media center actually has a combo drive capable of doing Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD and CD. There is no need for the second drive. This correction changes the final price to $1,800 after rebate. Thanks for the corrections, commenters.

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