How to Sync Your Contacts with the Ocean

sync.jpgThe Helio Ocean is an emailing machine, allowing you to manage a whole slew of email accounts at once. Also, Helio, unsurprisingly, would love it if you stocked up on their phones. You know, if you grabbed an Ocean for going to work and a Heat for going out at night. But what about loading your contacts up on it? Won't that take forever by hand? And what about keeping your contact info synced up between multiple devices? You don't want to have to re-enter every new number you get, do you?

Well, luckily for you, Mr. Moneybags, they make it super easy to upload your contacts from a mail program as well as get your contacts synced up between phones.

The whole system is based around your Helio Mail account, which is a free email account you get with your phone. You sign up at the Helio website, and it basically acts as a go-between for your phones. First, I'll show you how to upload a CSV file of your contacts, which is how you export them from Outlook or whatever other mail program you're using.

Sign up by going to the "My Account" section of the Helio site and clicking the Personalize Email option on the left-hand side.
sync1-1.jpgCreate an account and sign in, giving you your mailbox. Pretty straightforward stuff. Go to your preferences.
sync2-1.jpgNow go to Import Address Book. Upload the CSV file you exported from your mail program here. It ain't brain surgery, people. I'm going to skip the next steps of uploading, as they're self explanatory. Now your contacts are on your Helio Mail account.

Now, to get those contacts down to your phone, sign into your Helio Mail account.
sync3.jpgThen, in your Contacts menu, select Synchronize. Bam! You just downloaded all your contact info.
sync4.jpgBut wait! What if you want to get your contacts off your old phone? Simple. Just sign into your Helio Mail account on your old Helio phone, do the same syncing thing, and it'll upload your contacts to your mail account. Sync the new phone up, and voila, synced contacts.

So if you want to use two phones, just sync one whenever you're done with it before swapping over to the other (as we showed you how to do yesterday). The whole thing is super easy, especially once you get everything set up the first time, making having multiple phones for multiple uses a reasonable proposition. Well, as long as you don't consider the cost of such a venture, in which case it's pretty unreasonable. But still, it's possible, so that's something.

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