How Not to Destroy An Old PS2


Here's a cautionary tale featuring an about-to-be destroyed Sony PlayStation 2. A proud owner of a new PS3 decided to allow partygoers to destroy his outgoing PS2, and the guy who won the honors in a drawing decided to pee all over the obsolete gaming console.

Bad idea. The PS2 was still plugged in, and because urine is an excellent conductor of electricity, the guy was instantly knocked unconscious and nearly electrocuted. He was lucky enough to be treated and released at a local hospital. That's got to hurt. Okay, so now we have this straight: it's not a PEE S2.

AU: We're calling a big, fat BS on this one. Between Mythbusters busting the railroad pissing shock myth, and how on earth someone would supposedly still have it plugged in — are they pissing on your entertainment centre?

PRO TIP: Don't Pee On Playstation 2 [Arrogantics]

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