Home Entertainment Show 2007, or If It's Not $100,000, It's Crrrrrap!


The increasingly unaptly named Home Entertainment Show opened its doors today in NYC at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal (now through Sunday, $25-$35). I say that because there are no TVs, or indeed any video technologies, on display. No projectors, no mention of DVDs, let alone HD DVD or Blu-ray. In fact, few or none of the companies you know of that build home entertainment products are here.

But it's crowded: lots of gentlemen in their post-mid-life-crisis, pre-retirement years wander the halls in search of the perfect reproduction of Norah Jones. Her voice that is, sadly, not the rest of her. See, the main reason to come to the Home Entertainment Show—besides the rare gem like the Krell iPod Dock—is to check out Extra Big Ass Speakers.

We bumped into our friend Steve Guttenberg (the audio equipment reviewer, not the savior of both Johnny Five and Sweet Chuck). Follow the jump to have a look at what he thought was the "pick of the show."


I can't decide if these MBLs scream out Danger Will Robinson!" or "Exterminate!" but I did feel like they were watching my every move. Gorgeous in their own way, they are $51,900 a pair for the Piano Rosewood finish (the X-treme Piano Black finish will set you back $179,900). Amplifiers to drive these babies go up to $38,000; hell, the preamp is nearly $20,000. MBL just announced an SACD player (and not a moment too soon). They haven't yet mentioned the price, but the CD player is over $8,700. Thankfully, though, these are list prices. Surely you could get them to knock a few dollars off.

Anyway, we'll come back with a gallery of sweet speakers we've discovered. In the meantime, put on some Norah Jones, and wonder just how much better she would sound if you traded in your house for a subwoofer.

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