HES 2007: Extra Big Ass Speaker Gallery


We've been running up and down the stairs at the Grand Hyatt, at one point getting totally lost in some labyrinthine maintenance hall, a la Spinal Tap. The elevators are packed with the gentlemen we described in our first post talking about tube amplification, something called "ambiophonic sound" and the relative sexiness of Diana Krall in piano black or pine matte. (Elvis Costello should really say something!) As we mentioned, the draw is speakers, nerdy men's haute couture, pairs that cost more money than your car. A press release from a company called Salager Sonics states that choosing their speaker means not having to "weigh your listening pleasure and your kids' college education in the balance." They're completely serious.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the following gallery of Extra Big Ass Speakers (names and obscene prices are in the captions).

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