HANNspree Releases 5 Cheap, 'Vista Certified' LCDs

hannstv.pngHANNspree's computer display division, HANNS.G, announced five new LCD displays that are being touted as "Vista certified," whatever the hell that means. The big beauty is a 22-inch HW-223DPB that displays at 1680x1050 and has a nice 5ms response time and 1,000:1 contrast ratio. It has DVI inputs, but includes a DVI to component adapter for all of your gaming needs.

Also announced are two 17-inchers and three 19-inch models, all varying in specs and colors. Surprisingly, the prices are very reasonable. The 17-inch models are $160, the 19-inch models are between $200 and $230 and the big 22-inch beast is only $330 (!!). Too bad they aren't shaped like firetrucks or french fries.

HANNS.G ships five LCDs [Electronista]

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