Hands-On With BlueQ Bluetooth Wristbands (Verdict: They Work as Advertised)


The BlueQ is simple device: a wearable Bluetooth wristband that vibrates when your phone gets a call, letting you place your phone into your pocket, bag, or briefcase without fear of missing anything.

Why is it useful? Because even if you do keep your phone in your pants on vibrate, most of the time it's still loud and annoying. Or, your phone can even be the opposite and vibrate too softly for you to feel it.

We got our hands on the BlueQ wristband and can safely say they do everything it claims to, but it'll make you look like a dork in the process. Well, more so than you are now.

Gallery [Gizmodo]

The wristband looks like the kind you wore when you were in fifth grade: made of rubber and velcro. Also, it's kind of small. We have small girly wrists and we can only use half the velcro strap to fasten it. We can only imagine what it would be like for a normal person, let alone a large one.

After you charge it up and fasten it on your wrist, the setup process is exactly the same as for Bluetooth headsets. Set the BlueQ on discover mode and look for it with your phone. There's a small blue flashing light on the face that tells you whether it's on/connected, which is just about what you get from other cheap Bluetooth headsets nowadays.

As for the functionality, yes, the wristband vibrated when we got a call in. It's a pretty mild vibration; enough to let you know there's a call but not enough to give you carpal tunnel. The range on the thing isn't great though, which means you're going to have to keep your phone in your pants or in a bag nearby. Walking about 15 feet away (with a wall inbetween) cut off the signal, but it picked back up as we got closer. The battery life says 30 hours of use, so you're going to have to charge it every day or you'll be getting calls you don't know about.

The only problem we could see from using this is that it makes you look like a Junior High student. Even with the Qskins—the printable skins they give you for printing and sticking on—they still look pretty dorky. Also, they give you a limited amount of Qskins in the package (we only got one), and because we screwed up the printing we have to go and order some more. We suspect some of you will run into the same problem, since not all printers take in 5 x 7 sheets correctly.

All in all, the low price of $39 means you're not going to regret this too much if you buy one and don't like the way it functions. Hit the gallery to see how it looks on my femme wrist.

Product Page [BQwireless]

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