Hands-On Gallery: Colorware Makes Xbox 360 Elites Obsolete


If you're one of the few who wanted an Xbox 360 Elite more for the color than for the HDMI or the 120GB hard drive, then you're in luck. For around $99, you can get your own black (or blue or green or red or orange or whatever color you want) Xbox 360 that, in our opinion, looks even better than Microsoft's matte paint job.

As you can see from the gallery, not only can you have Colorware color your console, but they'll even paint the controllers as well. You have to ship them your console for the process—unless of course you buy an entirely new one—but it's sure to come back looking better than ever. Then, if you really want a 120GB hard drive, you can go ahead and install your own hard drive and save $100. As for HDMI, there's supposedly a faux HDMI cable due out for non-Elite Xbox 360s soon. No 1080p, but you do get to use HDMI.

Check out the gallery to see all the gorgeous details.

Gallery [Gizmodo]

Product Page [Colorware]

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