Hako Robo, Tiny Robots That Love and Hate Each Other

familybots.jpgLook at that little Hako Robo family, tiny cube-shaped robots with pea brains that just love to be with each other—to a point. Gather them together and they react, following each other around, running away from each other, protecting each other and even getting on each other's nerves if they're together for too long. Hey, that's just like a real family!

You can get a mom and pop set complete with a little black dog, or there's also other groups of these mini-bots, such as a chocolate set, and one that has happy, sad, and neutral robots, too. Pair these up with the USB humping dogs, and they won't be safe for work anymore.

Robot-In-A-Cube Relationship Sim Toy [Tokyomango]

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