GreenHawk Laser Putting Trainer Shows You That Sweet Spot

laser_trainer.jpgNow you can hone your putting to a laser-sharp edge with this GreenHawk LPT Ultimate Laser Putting Trainer, showing you how to best align your putter to nail those tough putts. You place the AccuGuide alignment tool onto the cup, and clamp the lightweight laser putting trainer onto your club. Then its laser projects a tiny red dot on the exact spot where you should aim the putter.

This looks like some techno-fun, but we're skeptical.

Its makers say the tiny battery-operated trainer is light enough not to make a difference in your putting swing, but we have our doubts. Plus, it seems like the difficulty in putting is not knowing exactly how hard you should swing the club and how to aim it consistently, not where to hit the ball, which seems obvious.

This contraption fits into an included carrying case that's small enough to easily pack into your golf bag. It seems like all this high-tech would be extraordinarily expensive, but it's just $16. Hey golfers, help us out here. Would this be a useful training tool?

Product Page [Edmund Scientific, via Oh Gizmo]

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