Google's New London Offices: Er, Larry, Sergei, a Word in your Ears


Hi. I know you're busy people, but can I just have a minute of your time to talk about colours, please? I've just had a quick sneak around your new offices in London and, while I think that your recycling bins are quite fun, the general impression I get is that the Google livery needs a rethink.

Do you not think that, after a decade of primary brights (as they love to call it in fashion mags) that it is time for a little changecito? Please? I'm sure your employees are a little brassed off as well. You know, treat 'em like kids, they'll start behaving like kids, and it won't be long before they're drawing willies on the walls and carving "Larry smells of poo" into the foam furniture. The proof is in the gallery below.

With love, Ad

P.S. I know people at Colour Me Beautiful, should you need more advice.

Inside Google's UK offices [Crave at]

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