Glo-Go Bikini Top and Skirt Shed Light on the Subject


Nobody noticing you there, girl? Put on this Glow-Go bikini top and skirt, and be the center of attention until your batteries run down after about 10 hours. They're part of the GloFur collection by designer David Lee, who won't really say how they work but we suspect it has something to do with a bunch of wires and LEDs.

This little bra will cost you $78, while the matching skirt goes for $124. Check out the gallery below and you'll see there's a variety of electronic clothing with which to decorate your already-appealing female parts. After the jump, check out an almost not-safe-for-work video of these illuminating garments in action.

If you're so inclined, there are GloFur coats for guys, too.

Product Page [GlowFur, via Oh Gizmo]

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