Giz Hearts Maker’s Faire

Giz Hearts Maker’s Faire

That’s Lisa and yours truly at the Flickr/Yahoo! booth, where they’d take a polaroid and scan it using some custom ware on a Sharp photocopier directly to Flickr.

And here’s my photo stream of 90 photos from the amazing and completely overwhelming Maker’s Faire. If you have the means, you HAVE to come by tomorrow. The weather is great here in San Mateo, and although most of the projects I’ve read about before, it really is incredible to see projects like the pong watch, electric sportbikes, steampunk remote controlled cars and tanks, those crazy coke and mentos dudes, Woz (yes Woz!), fire spitting sculptures, battle bots, among hundreds of amazing booths of stuff. I’m in heaven.

(click on the gallery header to see the many more thumbnails)

And the other nice thing is that Jason Chen and I were joined by lots of familiar faces. helped us report the madness, Sarah Meyers of Partycrash fame is here, shooting. Andrew from Rocketboom is filming, too. And friends like John Mahoney from Popular Science; my friends from Wired, Chris Anderson, Adam Rogers, Joe Brown, Danny Dumas, Mark McClusky, and Adam Rogers are around here somewhere. Then there are the Make guys. I got to shake Phil Torrone’s hand before, and I think I saw Mark S. walking through a crowd. And Ryan from Engadget is here, too. What a fun day.

If you’re close — hell, even if you’re 100 miles away — and you’re a geek, you have to come on down. If you do, take the exit past the crowded one (Delaware is pretty jammed) and route your way back to the fair grounds. And bring a little sunblock.