Free Steve Jobs T-Shirts


Wait, wait, they're not free as in beer. I mean free as in liberation.

Even though Real Steve doesn't seem to be in any real trouble, Fake Steve is running a campaign to Free El Jobso from the tyranny of the SEC.

The first organized show of support is going down at WWDC, 2007, the week of June 11th. Just buy a FREE STEVE T-shirt, with or without an image of the fearless leader on front, and wear it to Macca. (Get it? That's "Mecca" mixed with "Mac"...haha?)

Unfortunately, no black turtleneck version.

The gang and I have a few on order, along with some mugs and a baby seal. A call to arms, backed by solid product merchandising and marketing? Maybe those theories about Fake Steve's blog being written by Real Steve have more truth to 'em than previously imagined.

Of course, what would Real Steve want with a few measly bucks from T-shirt sales? I still think it's Leander, no matter how much he denies it.

...I'm not sitting here Friday night trying to figure out who FSJ is...

Fake Steve [FSJ]

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