First Palm Foleo Hands On and Impressions

foleo11wm.jpgIt would be redundant to step through the Foleo right after Hawkins gave us a feature tour, but I have held the hardware, and it is impressively light (physically and software wise). It looks like a fanless, or near fanless design, the screen is very nice, and the keyboard reminds me of a Toshiba Tecra (a favorable thing). It looks to be a very efficient machine. If you overlook all the crazy buttons for navigation. And I thought the Thinkpad num/trackpad with multiple buttons was bad. That's not simplicity in design. There is a dedicated email button, which is a nice touch, as well as an Apps button that goes to the Dataviz office docs, the photo viewer, web browser, etc. The menu is top left, like a mac/windows hybrid and is favorably clean. But that's what happens when your device has no apps. What does it take to compile software to run on the Foleo.

Would I buy one? No, I'm not a smart phone junkie.

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