F-35 Helmet Display System To Scare the Bejeezus Out of Enemies

f-35_HMDS.jpgThis is the new helmet-mounted display system for the F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter. The helmet is designed to provide pilots with binocular-wide field-of-view, give night vision abilities and scare enemy pilots at first sight. It was used for the first time last April, making the F-35 the first combat plane without a cockpit-mounted heads-up display in a very long time.

Beyond making the pilot look like a spooky insect (comic book nerd moment: the Morpheus helmet from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comes to mind), the F-35 HDMS is loaded with all kinds of amazing goodies, like extreme off-axis targeting and head tracking "providing the pilot with unprecedented situational awareness and tactical capability." The helmet was developed by Vision Systems International, a company that has other quite weird designs that are already operational, like the DASH and the JHMCS. Technical specs and another image of the F-35 HMDS after the jump.


F-35 HMDS Specs

- Binocular Wide Field-of-View
- Integrated day/night capability with sensor fusion
- Highly accurate head tracking hardware and software
- Digital image source for helmet vision displayed symbology
- Custom helmet shell, liner and suspension system for lightest weight, optimal C.G. and maximum pilot - comfort.

Unfortunately, no price yet for those who have in mind buying an F-35.

Product page [Vision Systems International]


    i think i see a new halo 3 helmet on the wayy....

    lolz maybe this is what the Halo 3 pilots wear.

    interesting, what kind of damage testing has it seen? getting slammed into the canopy or ejection seat. also has it been tested for damage from a bird struck canopy at low, mid, and high velocity.
    how would ship systems be affected if display visor is damaged from bullets, flak, bird strike, various fluids and liquids. would the lense cease to HUD function from hydrualic fluid, urine, saliva, boogers, tears? is there a thermal compund on the lense to keep it from fogging, and would that thermal compound also be effected as much as it is on most eyeware by say windex and ammonia based or non water based solubale cleaners or even vegetable oil (eat at culvers or some place with greasy food and put on your paintball mask or adjust your helmet before you get your gloves on, yes i found that out the hard way).

    just some of the first things that sprang into mind about my expriences with visor lense based systems.

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