Eye Drops for “Tech Lifestyles”: Sweet Christ, I’m Blind

Eye Drops for “Tech Lifestyles”: Sweet Christ, I’m Blind

These Rohto V Arctic eye drops are supposed to “keep eyes cool under the strain of today’s techno lifestyles,” in particular the kind that results from staring at a monitor 20 hours a day, like we do at Giz. The “cool” part is supposed to be the menthol in the drops, which their rep said had her hooked on them.

I became suspicious when I read that I had to wait 15 minutes to put in my contacts after using the drops. Luckily for you guys, today I happened to be wearing glasses. I held the bottle over my eye and let two drops fall in.

Aftermath with picture after the jump.

Burning. Blindness. My eye went numb. After three minutes my eye was still red and kind of numb (which is when I snapped the picture below, though it doesn’t convey the waterfall that poured out of my eye). Ten minutes later, it felt okay again and I was definitely more awake. But definitely not soothed.

IMG_0390.jpg Final word: for masochists only.

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