EV-DOize Your Mac Mini

miniminiEVDO.jpg Mac addicts: have you been itching to get your mobile Mac Mini going with EV-DO, but despise the look of an external USB modem? Well, with a little bit of tinkering you can swap out your Airport card with an Expidite PCI Express Mini EV-DO Card.

Surprisingly this is a pretty simple mod, especially when compared to the amount of benefits it gives you. The trickiest part is probably finding the mini EV-DO card. You'll have to pick up and activate either a Novatel U720 or USB720 modem and then pry it open. Inside you'll find a little nugget of wireless gold, the Express Mini Card. Then just swap the two cards, install Apples WWAN update and bingo-bango you've got yourself an EV-DO Mini.

This looks like it would be a God send for all of those car modders who have been popping Mini's into their glove compartments.

EV-DO on a Mac Mini [Slashgear via MacNN via EVDOinfo]
GTi Mac Mini [Gizmodo]

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