ErgoMedia Gaming Pad May or May Not Make You a Better Gamer


I never really got into the whole gamer keypad thing, as I figured you'd have to be much more into PC gaming than I am to want to unhook your keyboard and hook up a tinier one so you could frag faster. If having a smaller keyboard actually provided any benefit. But hey, if you really want to get your clan to the top of that Counter-Strike tourney, perhaps this is just the boost you need to get you over the top.

It's the ErgoMedia 500, a gaming pad with what looks like a comfy wrist pad attached. It's got stuff like 11 macros, a scroll wheel, a d-pad, and lit-up buttons. Will it make you any better at your favorite games? It's debatable, but ErgoMedia hopes it's a question that's worth your $43 to answer.

Product Page [via Everything USB]

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