Dr. Pepper Pays Boy Band To Live, Perform In Bubble


The latest installment in the "if dumb people watch, it must be smart" genre—a category that brought us Big Brother, The Real World, Making The Band and David Blaine—is the descriptively named Band In A Bubble, airing tomorrow on MTV. Somehow, we got blueprints of the bubble.

A band I've never heard of called Cartel will be locked up inside this spherical-domed tent on one of New York City's piers for 20 days to record an album while 23 cameras stream footage to the Web. It's the usual invasion of privacy: night vision in the bedroom, a shower cam, and something called a "KFC cam" in kitchen.

While it will be a decent test of Adobe's new Flash Media Encoder, we doubt that's why a bunch of 13-year-old girls will sit outside the bubble, screaming and crying while their moms wonder where they went wrong. Anyway, these are all matters to keep in mind when you devise your own bubble using the blueprints and renderings below. (Cameras and desperate fame seekers sold separately.)

A word of advice to Cartel: See how your name is the same size as Wal-Mart's? That's a sure sign you should fire your agent. Good luck in the bubble!

Dr Pepper Hopes MTV Show Will Sell Soda [AP]

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