DLO HomeDock Remote Means More Things To Do With Your Hand

DLO HomeDock Remote Means More Things To Do With Your Hand

DLO is taking a page from Sonos and Logitech by introducing HomeDock Remote, a $129.99 nano-styled remote with a display, giving you full control of the iPod. Your iPod sits in a cradle over by the sound system, while you and your little remote go wandering. More details, images and a photo depicting the kind of joy this product will bring you and your hot spouse (of either gender) after the jump.


The screen of the remote shows “Now Playing” when you don’t press anything, and lets you browse artists, playlists and settings, too. There’s no mention of other ways to browse; my guess is that’s because there aren’t any. DLO probably figured that scrolling through 10,000 song names would be frustrating on a display that can only show four lines at a time. It still might be a pain to locate an artist, but we’ll hold off judgment until we get one to test out. It’s an RF remote, so it works through walls. It also has a rechargeable battery, and docks just behind the iPod itself, like so:


If you don’t believe that HomeDock Remote will change your life, just have a look at DLO’s wine-loving models. If that doesn’t convince you that drinking heavily and iPoddin’ go well together, well, maybe you just haven’t had enough to drink. It’s already after 11, for God’s sake!


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