DJ4: Two-Source Mixer Has Two Big Knobs, Doesn't Go Up to 11

birde_2.jpgFor some reason, that headline sounds just wrong, but whatever. Here's the Bird Electoron DJ-4, "the passive type micro mixer of power source unnecessary." In other words: yes, it's from Japan and yes, it's a very simple passive mixer with two mini-stereo inputs and one output. The seller for me is the two big analog knobs: VOLUME and VOLUME. For just $70 you will be able to connect your two MP3 players and touch your own two big knobs until your audience's ears bleed. Or they throw you into the river inside a sack full of rocks after you play the same Black Eyed Peas track for the 28th time.

Bird electron, outdated future mixer of design - Adopting the electricity guitar and the isomorphic volume knob (Thanks Google Translate!) [Impress AV Watch]

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