Dealzmodo USA: Toshiba HD DVD Players With $100 to $200 Rebate

toshibahda2.jpgIf you're looking to get into the HD DVD game, Toshiba's got a set of rebates coming up that'll sweeten the pot. Starting May 20, if you buy a Toshiba HD-A2 (lowest price, $295 on Froogle) you'll immediately get a $100 rebate in store. Whether that means online store is qualified, we're not sure yet.

Three weeks after that, for the final week of the month-long promotion, Toshiba will offer you $200 back on any player Toshiba sells (like the HD-A1, which is slightly cheaper) if you buy a 42-inch Toshiba HDTV at the same time. Oh, and the Matrix Trilogy is being released May 22 as well, if that provides any more incentive.

Update: We're hearing word that Amazon's participating as well, so it's not just B&M stores.

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