Crumpler's Beer For Bags (NYC) Starts June 9

beerforbags2.jpgEvery year Crumpler barters its laptop, photo and messenger bags in exchange for beer. The tradition started five years ago in Australia, and this is the second time the event is being held in NYC. Bring in a case of Coopers and four Fosters Oil Cans and walk out with a Barney Rustle Messenger bag. Two cases of Asahi and a packet of ramen noodles fetches a Moderate Embarrassment laptop satchel. To figure out the exchange rate you'll need to stop by a store to pick up the handy-dandy Beer for Bags Wheel (larger version after the jump) or just order one from the website. All of the combinations come out to a discount of around 30 percent. At the end of the week everyone heads back to the store to drink the assorted brews—belch!—there were over 1,000 cases of beer on hand last year.

Crumpler's Beer For Bags, June 9th - 17th


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